Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stitches West - Sunday 2/26/12

Last weekend was Stitches West and Sunday morning Mom and I got up bright and early headed to Santa Clara for our first Spinning Class! Low and behold we are taking a class from the original Carolina Homespun owner Merike Saarniit and what a WONDERFUL teacher she is! Can't wait to take another class from her! Her website is

Here are my notes from the day of the class:
  • Drafting = making the fibers into the thickness you want
  • Carded Roving = straight off the card
  • Cone Roving = after card goes thru a cone to make even
Materials we received:
  1. Gray - Coopworth (a breed of sheep) Louet Roving
  2. Volcano - Merino, Camel Down, Mohair, Domestic Wools - pulled from drum carder batts - Phyllis Hedrick.
  3. Multi - Gray/Teal/Mulberry - Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) combed top
  4. Yellow/Greens - Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) and sparkle combed top - Juno Fiber Arts
  5. Alpaca Coopworth Louet Grey and White Roving
  6. Pink & White - Baby Alpaca Top
  7. Blue White Stripes - Superwash Merino - Cherry Tree Hill
  8. Red/Purples - Merino/Silk - Widder Shin Woolworks
  9. White/Cream - Organic Merino/Tussan Silk (Note: Spin from the fold) came from John Arbon Textiles
  10. 50/50 Bison/Silk - Village Spin & Weave
  11. Brown/Tan - Camel
  12. Orange - 100% Silk

Spinning Notes:
  • After you start tie a knot at the top of the whorl. When putting the yarn on the spindle make sure to wrap at the top making a cone look.
  • Angora/Camel/Cotton - Short Fibers - Trick is to spin with a spool of thread and spin the Angora around the thread.
  • When spinning silk put lemon juice on your hands so the scales do not get caught up on your hands.
  • Silk Hankie - Put a hole in the middle and pull until you have a large circle and created what looks like pencil roving.
  • To ply yarn let the spindle do the work.
  • When your yarn is balanced you will have a "U"
  • If you need to wake up the energy wet it.
  • Spindles - Heavy Spindle for bulky works great.
  • Remember to check the balance on your spindle.

Wheels to look at:

  • Louet Victoria Travel
  • Ladybug
  • Mogicraft

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