Sunday, March 18, 2012

Since it is Monster March Madness and Malabrigo March I think I will kill two or should I say three stones with one or two monsters! And since I have finally put all of my stash in my Ravelry account, with the exception of what I have bought in the last month (yeah the yarn diet has it's good days and bad days just like the regular diet, LOL!). The Stockinette Zombie podcast put out this cute pattern called Zombie the Podcaster and I just think it is so cute that I will have to make one. That way I will get to dip into the Knitabulls Monster March Madness knit-a-long as well as Malabrigo March. And then when I knit a Chelsea the Chatterbox Monster I can put that in either Knitabulls, Retro Lemon or Malabrigo depending on what I make it out of. I only have until the end of March. But since I have finished the other projects I have been working on and do not have the yarn yet for the Downton Abbey swap on the Subway Knits podcast or the yarn for my afghan swap I can't knit on the things I need to so I am using stash to knit what I want!
Now the Zombie calls for Judy's Magic Cast On, but I have NEVER done this one before so below is a toe up example of the cast on and I am about to go attempt it. Wish me luck..........more to come later.

Ok found a video from Knit Picks.
Then I found this very good Cat Bordhi video which is actually very entertaining as well. WATCH THIS ONE!!!

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