Saturday, March 24, 2012

Been a while....sorry!

It has been about a week since I lasted blogged. I can't say that I have finished anything in that time but I finally received the Cascade 220 Superwash in the mail (ordered from Webs because of the price). 2 Skeins will be used for my Downton Abbey Swap project from Subway Knits podcast. The other skeins are for The Knit Girllls KGASS 2012, which is a 12 x 12 afghan square swap where you make 4 squares and get 4 squares. Since I have never made an afghan that way I am very excited to participate in this swap. Both of these swaps are due right around my birthday next month so I have plenty of time to do them. I also purchased 2 fixed circular needles to try doing socks from the toe up since I can never seem to complete them when I start at the cuff. So we will see. The only other thing I am working on right now is a dish towel for the bathroom, trying to de-stash some of that cotton I always seem to pick up and we need new dishtowels so it is a win win. I have decided that I can't put myself on a yarn diet because when I do I tend to buy more yarn, bad Tara! I am going to cast on this weekend thou a new shawl which I think I will be making for my mom for her birthday next weekend. I am hoping that it is easy and that I can make another one for my friend Marianne. The shawl I am going to do is the Pipers Journey! Time to go make coffee....have a great day, it is raining here right now.

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