Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Morning

SO happy that it is Saturday and that I have no plans this weekend. That means time to knit and catch up on TV. I can't believe how long it took me to put all my stash in my Ravelry account, which is also under tsknits. I now am trying to go thru my projects and make sure that I have them in there. And then going thru finding more yarn!! UGH. So need to go on a yarn diet because there are some many new projects that I would like to start. I also went thru and frogged a bunch of projects that have just been sitting on the needles and I don't see wanting to start again anytime soon.

On The Needles:
Yvaine - Haunted Cloudlover
Fabulous Dog Cozy - Berrocco Vintage

Then there are the books, trying to go thru the books and magazines and put them in my Ravelry library.

Also trying to join some swaps and clubs to get more involved in the knitting community.

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